two steps forward, 25 steps back: what academic art looks like

I think separating spiritual belief into categories is like separating body/mind/spirit–kind of a silly thing to do. I mean, why the heck did we create those splits in the first place? It isn’t efficient!  And then making one brand of spiritual belief better than another is like saying chocolate ice cream is better than cookie dough ice cream. According to who? As my son would say, “It’s all good.” Yeah, ice cream is ice cream!

On a personal note, I thought being an artist was something I had to strive for, something to earn, not something I was born with. I thought experts could confer the title “Artist” if I learned all the Art rules, followed the Art directions, made the right looking Art thing and said all the right Art stuff. Nope. It is so much closer than I dare ever imagine. When I think some one else can tell me who I am, I give my power away. I need to look inside myself and see if I appreciate what I just made. Not doing that   removed me from my work to such an extent, that I’m just starting to understand that I don’t even begin to know who I am artistically.


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