A Maker’s Manifesto:

Art happens when experience is given action. Made objects, drawing, sports, music, food, clothing, poetry are outward expressions of a person’s inner response to physical events. Our bodies, hearts, and minds work in unison; the record of this unified response is imprinted on the concrete world. Even if we’re “told” what to do, how we interpret that is unique to each person. Even if we copy some one else, what we notice and reproduce is distinctive to each person, with an unpredictable outcome.

Art and making are basic human needs.

Lack of creating causes much suffering because it interferes with our relationship to ourselves on a foundational level. To not create is anesthesia: to put the senses to sleep. To create is aesthesia: to awaken the senses.

Any and everything is material for creating—because art is action, the physical manifestation of something originally abstract and invisible.

Public Art is not the same as Community art.

There were three big things I learned in grad school, passed down by my really incredible teachers:

1) When you have a nickel, make a nickel’s worth of art

2) Be careful what you bring into the world because the gift of creation is a powerful force

3) No one except yourself stops you from being an artist. Period. No excuses.

These  thoughts sustain me and are behind the creation of this site. I’ve found that the tighter a parameter is, the more creative I can be if I let myself. Thus, big INCH.

This blog is about a Community art project called “Seeds: Pass It On”.  The older posts on here give some background info on how it got started and why. I came up with the idea, and hope this info is helpful to the project!

I have a BFA in sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University, and an MFA in sculpture from University of Colorado, Boulder.

I’ve taught at four universities in the past 12 years as both full-time Assistant Professor and Adjunct Professor.

With my husband, I’ve created two major public art pieces in Indianapolis. However, Community art is at the heart of what I’ve wanted to do for over 20 years, and I finally understand myself, art, and the world enough to do this thing–a little at a time.


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